Mayor Warren Backs State Takeover of City School Board

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren is making a push to support the State Education Commissioner’s plan for the Rochester City School District.

In a video posted on Facebook, Mayor Warren called on parents to contact their state representative to support the proposed changes to the district.

This comes following news last week that the State Board of Regents floated a plan that could involve replacing the School Board with an appointed interim board. Warren told reporters on Thursday that she supports the State Education Commissioner’s original plan for an appointed board, and wanted to generate support for that plan which ran into opposition from some state legislators.

Among those who don't support removing the elected school board are Republican State Senator Rich Funke, and Democratic Assemblyman Harry Bronson. Bronson says it would be better to give more power to the school superintendent.

In the video Warren says it’s time to seize this "last best chance to make our city schools beacons of hope."

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