UPDATE: Guilty Verdict in Trial of Suspended RPD Officer

A judge in Rochester has found RPD officer Michael Sippel guilty of assault.

Sippel is the Rochester police officer who had been on trial for misdemeanor assault. He's accused of using excessive force to arrest Christopher Pate last May. Pate suffered a broken bone in his face.

During her closing arguments last week, prosecutor Gina Clark said Sippel's actions were not reasonable.

But Sippel's Attorney Clark Zimmerman argued that Sippel and his partner reacted appropriately.

In his verdict, Judge Thomas Morse points out that people have no right to resist arrest, and police can use force to make arrests. But he ruled that the facts show Sippel used excessive force when he arrested Christopher Pate. The judge ruled the level of force was not justified.

Sentencing is set for July 25.

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