Ramona's Law: Violent Offenders Should Wait Longer for Parole

Republicans in the state Assembly want violent offenders to wait longer before they can apply for parole.

The legislation is called Ramona's Law and is named after a survivor of a violent sex assault in 1992It would extend the number of years from 2 to 5 before the Parole Board reconsiders parole applications. The law is targeted at those who commit violent felonies such as first degree Murder, Rape, and Predatory Sexual Assault against children.

Supporters say extending the time would spare crime victims, and their families, from having to frequently relive what happened and face their attackers.

NY State Assembly Bill A6663

Sponsored By Provides that in the case of a defendant sentenced for certain violent felony offenses, the state parole board shall reconsider their findings about a defendant where parole is denied every sixty months.

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