Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren Presenting Budget for Next Fiscal Year

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren presented her budget for the next fiscal year, today. She spoke at the City Council Chambers.

Typical homeowners in Rochester will see their total bill for city taxes and fees rise about $50 in the coming year. Mayor Warren says spending in her proposed budget will rise about 1.8 percent to $550 million. She says it includes funds that will help children thrive.

Warren says the budget expands the city's Pathways to Peace program -- putting more teen members on the streets on evenings and weekends to promote healing and prevent violence.

The budget pays for police and fire department recruit classes, upgrades to police body cameras, and expansion of a program that prevents teen violence.

Last year, the council approved a current budget of nearly $540 million that included tax and fee increases to close a shortfall. The current fiscal year ends at the end of next month.

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