Congressman Morelle Proposes New Legislation for Gun Shops

Congressman Joe Morelle is set today to announce legislation to address the thefts of guns from gun shops.

He has scheduled a news conference today at the federal building. Morelle says gun shop thefts have led to more than 20,000 guns stolen nationally over five years. He says the guns are flowing onto the streets and into the black market.

A Rochester man pleaded guilty last month to charges he stole 87 guns from a shop in Parma.

Rochester man admits to stealing 87 firearms from Parma gun shop

Federal prosecutors say last August, Guzman and two others, Dakota Sarfaty and Luis D. Marcano-Agosto, broke into Chinappi's Firearms & Supplies on West Ridge Road. After Sarfaty entered the store through a hole in the wall, all three stole 87 firearms, most of which were handguns.

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