Whole Foods Lawsuit Dropped

The developers of the proposed Whole Foods in Brighton have reportedly dropped their lawsuit against former Assemblyman Joe Errigo and Monroe County political staffer, Joseph Rittler.

The suit by the Daniele Family's development company had alleged that a bill introduced by Errigo was intended to deprive the company of property without due process.

It was the same bill at the heart of a federal corruption case against Errigo and others. Errigo was arrested last October on bribery and wire fraud charges.

FULL statement from Joe Rittler:

"On December 4, 2018, the former Republican President of the Monroe County Legislature, Anthony Daniele, and his family companies, filed what I believe to be a meritless lawsuit against me. Yesterday that lawsuit was dismissed. It is ironic that Mr. Daniele told media at the time that he 'intended to get to the bottom' of a situation which has already been under intense law enforcement scrutiny. Even more ironic is the fact that during his time in the county legislature, Daniele took countless votes to stifle or shut down legislative investigations into actual criminal conduct, such as the LDC scandal involving the then County Executive’s husband.
"I am pleased that the Daniele’s have come to their senses and voluntarily dismissed this lawsuit, although it is clear this is what they intended to do all along since they never served me with a copy of the lawsuit. It is my opinion that this lawsuit was meant to tarnish my reputation and potentially illegally retaliate against me for certain actions I have taken. I found it very curious that they did not name Robert Scott Gaddy in their lawsuit.
I look forward to moving on from this shameful episode. "

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