U. of R. Student Issued Citation for White Supremacist Propaganda

Brighton Police have cited the person who they say placed white nationalist stickers in three locations around the town. Using forensic methods, police identified the man as Christopher Hodgman -- a U of R student from Bethesda, Maryland. Brighton Police Chief Mark Henderson says they identified him with fingerprints left on the stickers.

Hodgman is charged with violating a Town ordinance against posting advertising. The stickers promote Identity Evropa ("europa"), a white nationalist organization named by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. The University of Rochester has issued a statement condemning the message and say they've made clear it's commitment to diversity, inclusion and respect, and they condemn acts of hatred or intimidation.

We were informed by Brighton town officials of the arrest of a current University of Rochester undergraduate student for violation of town ordinances in connection with the posting of unauthorized flyers. The flyers are associated with Identity Evropa, a white nationalist organization identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. The University has made clear its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and respect. We unequivocally condemn acts of hatred or intimidation. University community members are strongly encouraged to report any incidents motivated by discrimination of a person or target group. Full information is found at https://www.rochester.edu/care/reports.html. We ask each member of our University community to work to ensure that our institution is one where everyone feels welcomed and valued.



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