Party House Manager Charged after Gates Gunfire

Gates Police have now charged the manager of the Diplomat Party House on a criminal nuisance charge related to last month's brawl that ended in gunfire. That fight on January 13th started in the bar and spilled into the parking lot, where several people fired shots.

They charged 48-year-old Louis Polizzi of Ogden, saying he recklessly created an environment that endangered people's health and safety. Polizzi was issued an appearance ticket for the evening of February 26th.

Gates Police say the Diplomat has agreed to cancel a party that was to be held there this Sunday...after police expressed safety concerns. They're also investigating a second party scheduled for Saturday night at a different location in Gates. The promoter of the event is the same who was involved in Sunday's brawl at Schramrock's bar in Henrietta.

Gates Police also want $4,500 from the Diplomat to pay for the cost of police overtime because of the fight.


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