Islamabad Bomb Plot Suspects Showed Off Guns on Social Media

Two of the four suspects accused of plotting an attack on a Muslim community are seen in dozens of YouTube videos showing off and shooting guns. 

The YouTube channel is called Rebel Crysel and features suspects Andrew Crysel and Vincent Vetromile. A Confederate flag is seen on a wall in some of the videos. 

There is no mention in the videos of the alleged plot against the community of Islamberg, east of Binghamton.

Vetromile, Crysel, Brian Colaneri and a 16-year-old face weapon and conspiracy charges.


When digging into the suspect's social media activity, you can also find a twitter account with the handle @xXrebel1Xx. Most of those 48.5k tweets are retweets of right-wing propaganda, which includes stories of other foiled bomb plots. In May of 2017, this account also invited the POTUS to his Boy Scouts ceremony. 

This is allegedly one of the suspect's twitter account.


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