City Council to Hold Meetings on Police Board Legislation

The Rochester City Council says it will hold three public meetings on plans to create a Police Accountability Board. 

They'll be January 23rd at the Frederick Douglass R Center on South Avenue...January 28th at the Danforth R Center on West Avenue...and January 31st in the City Hall Atrium on Church Street. All will be from 5:30 to 7:00 in the evening, and you don't have to sign up in advance to speak. Council will also accept written comments online via 

There are two different versions of a Police Accountability plan for Rochester; one from Mayor Lovely Warren and one from Council. The mayor's plan leaves disciplining of officers found to have violated the department's rules of conduct to the police chief as required by the city charter. The Council plan calls for amending the charter to let the board prescribe discipline. 


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