Preparing Rochester for Smart Highways

The Genesee Transportation Council -- the regional transportation planning body -- has approved a recommended list of highway and transportation projects for 2019 and 2020. You can look at them and comment online at

One of the most intriguing projects is a look into "Intelligent Technology Systems" for the future of I-490 across the Rochester region. GTC Executive Director Jim Stack says in the near future,  your car will talk to the highway and to other cars. It will warn you when there's an accident, bad weather or people slamming on their brakes ahead of you, and suggest alternate routes to avoid heavy traffic. Smart technology and driver assist are already in new cars, and technology to let roads communicate directly with that technology is already being developed.

At least, that's the future Rochester's transportation planning agency sees, and they're starting to get ready for it. 

Part of the planning process is figuring out what sensors and other devices will be installed along the highways to make this happen...and who takes care of installing and maintaining it.

One simple solution they're already talking about: adding a spare conduit to new road projects so there's a place to install sensors and fiber-optic cables for future use.


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