Mayor Proposes Rochester Police Accountability Board

Responding to calls for more oversight of the Rochester Police Department, Mayor Lovely Warren today (Thursday) sent legislation to City Council requesting the creation of a 9-person Police Accountability Board.

The P-A-B would have full investigative powers, including subpoena power to compel testimony or produce evidence related to complaints.  Upon completion of an investigation the board could then recommend charges or discipline to the Police Chief. The chief would respond in writing if he disagrees. 

Mayor Warren says the goal is to create a “fully transparent investigative process that’s fair to both the community and [RPD] officers.”

3 members of the board would be appointed directly by the mayor, 3 more by City Council and the other 3 members would be recommended by the community’s Police Accountability Board Alliance.  Board members would serve staggered 3-year terms.

The Mayor says first year cost of the board, including one-time startup costs would be up to $300,000.


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