Nationwide Bomb Threats Include Rochester

Dozens of bomb threats were reported today at news outlets, government buildings, banks, libraries schools and other businesses across the U.S. That includes the Rochester Police Department, and multiple locations around Monroe County according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

Rochester Police say this appears to be a generic threat made by email, and they call it "not very credible"

Some of the places receiving the threat locally included Catholic Family Services, Geneva General Hospital and several medical offices. Sheriff Todd Baxter said none of the threats they investigated proved to be credible, but his department is taking them seriously and has bomb-sniffing dogs and the bomb squad ready to respond.

Around the country, places like Columbine High school, WNDU in Indiana and Capital University in Ohio all were evacuated for bomb threats.  The threats allegedly stem from a mass email where an unknown writer demands bitcoin in exchange for safety.  Other threats were also reported in Florida, Utah, Iowa, Maryland, New York and North Carolina. 

The FBI says it's aware of the threats and is in touch with local law enforcement agencies about them. It asks people to report any suspicious activity.


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