MCSO: Internal Investigation Complete Following Death of Jail Inmate

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says a state investigation is underway and the results of an internal investigation are being released, following the death of an inmate in the county jail back in September. 

Officials say on September 4, 2018, two deputies discovered 32-year-old Sitarah Daniels unresponsive in her cell and immediately began giving her first aid and CPR. Daniels was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead the next day. 

The Sheriff’s office announced today that two rounds conducted by a deputy on Daniels floor earlier on the 4th, had been incomplete. Officials say two electronic indicators were activated notifying deputies that the rounds were incomplete, but follow-up protocols were not followed. 

Sheriff Todd Baxter released a statement saying in part "No incident of this nature is taken lightly."

 As a result, Sheriff Baxter says he has sustained departmental charges and imposed significant disciplinary measures. 

An investigation by the New York State Commission of Corrections is ongoing.


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