McMurray Concedes 27th District to Collins

Nearly three weeks after election day, Democrat Nate McMurray has conceded the 27th Congressional District race to Republican Chris Collins.  Collins won by about 1,300 votes after last week's count of the absentee ballots.

McMurray says he finally decided to concede this morning despite what he called “many people” urging him to keep fighting. But he made it clear he’s not done challenging Congressman Collins.

McMurray announced that "when the time is right" he'll run again. And he said in the meantime he's founding an organization called "" that will encourage what he called "regular people" to run for office, and to hold their elected officials accountable. He says they'll start by making sure Chris Collins fulfills the promises he made during his campaign.

Part of that process will including holding town meetings around the district. He said Collins is welcome to come if he wants,.


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