School Board Promises "Meaningful Response" to Critical Report

Rochester School Board President Van White says the district will have a "meaningful and powerful response" to the report of the Distinguished Educator. That report, released Wednesday gave 84 recommendations for a total overhaul of the Rochester City School District.

White said Thursday afternoon that he agrees with a lot of what he's read in the report...but he finds fault with Dr. Jamie Aquino's methodology in that he spoke mostly with adults, and relied mostly on verbal interviews rather than data.

White says the data on student and school performance is by no means good, but does show areas where the city schools have been fighting hard for improvement. 

White says School Superintendent Barbara Dean Williams is breaking down the report section by section...each to be reviewed by the appropriate part of the school administration. The school board will take those responses, put them together with its own, and deliver them to the State Department of Education by the February deadline.


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