McDermott: Allen to Start When Healthy, Peterman Released

Coach Sean McDermott announced on Monday rookie Josh Allen will reclaim the starting job once he's healthy. The Buffalo Bills also released backup quarterback Nathan Peterman. Matt Barkley lead the Buffalo Bills to a 41-10 victory against the New York Jets on Sunday. "I knew that I could play in this league," Barkley said after improving his career record to 2-5. "I don't want to be cliche by saying it's like riding a bike, but I've done this for years. I believe I was made to play football, and tonight was just an example of going out there and doing what I was made to do." Still, McDermott said Allen is the starter. "His development is important for him and for us as we move forward, getting experience," said McDermott. "You've seen a lot of quarterbacks this season play, and it's important that he gets as many reps as he can get in live game action."



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