McMurray Won't Concede 27th District Race

The Chris Collins campaign says it will "let the process play out" after Congressman Collins ended up leading Democratic Challenger Nate MacMurray by one percentage point and 28-hundred votes Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, Democrat Nate McMurray says he's not conceding the 27th District Congressional election to Republican Collins. McMurray said Wednesday he's working with lawyers to make sure every vote is counted.

Collins campaign advisor Chris Grant, says he doesn't believe the thousands of absentee ballots still to be counted will swing anything. 

Collins campaign advisor Chris Grant says under state election law there is no provision for candidates to call for a recount, as McMurray did Tuesday night,  which is true for most campaigns. But recounts or recanvasses are done automatically by county boards of elections.

Collins has claimed victory, but his lead is only about 2,800 votes and 18,000 votes have not yet been counted.

McMurray says it's way too early to throw in the towel, and he says "we might just be getting started." 

McMurray said Wednesday afternoon "Mr. Collins, we are not going away."


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