Man Arrested Following Incident at Klem Road South Elementary School

An arrest has been made following the incident that caused a brief lockout at Klem Road South Elementary School in Webster this morning.

Webster Police say they have arrested 57-year-old Timothy Ryan of Canandaigua, and charged him with criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds which is a felony.

Police say a parent dropping off their child at the school called police to report seeing a suspicious person in a vehicle, parked at the school. A school resource officer went to the parking lot and located Ryan in his vehicle. Authorities determined Ryan was a credentialed construction subcontractor for the district, and had a licensed handgun in his truck.

Ryan's vehicle was searched and a second handgun was found.

While police say the handguns appear to be legally registered, it is against the law to bring a handgun onto school property.

Ryan was arraigned on the charge. Bail was set at $20,000 dollars and bond was posted. Ryan is due back in court on November 14th.

Police say at no time were threats made towards students, staff, police or anyone else.


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