Federal Prosecutors Want Charlie Tan to Admit He Shot His Father

Papers filed today in federal court say Charlie Tan should not get a break from federal sentencing guidelines unless he admits that he killed his father, Liang "Jim" Tan. As first reported by the D&C, they want Tan to make that admission.

Federal prosecutors say in their filing that there's plenty of evidence to prove Tan fatally shot his father with a shotgun that he purchased illegally. A jury deadlocked on whether Tan was guilty of shooting his father and the judge dismissed the charges, setting Tan free. But he was picked up by federal authorities on a weapon charge for illegally buying the shotgun.

Federal sentencing guidelines say Tan should serve 25 years in prison for the weapon charge. Assistant U.S. Attorney Lisa Fletcher writes in the court filing that Tan should admit to the murder and "the time for charade has passed."


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