Limo in Fatal Crash Should Never Have Been on the Road

Governor Andrew Cuomo says this weekend's deadly limo crash in upstate New York involved an improperly licensed driver and a vehicle that failed inspection last month.

In addition to the failed inspection, the governor says the limo driver, who died in the crash, didn’t have a passenger endorsement on his commercial license and shouldn’t have been behind the wheel.

State Police have confirmed that the limo involved in a fatal crash near Albany last weekend had failed inspection and the driver lacked the proper license. They say the limo company has been under investigation in the past, but had little more information to release. They have not yet finished confirming the identities of the 20 victims, although family members have said they were four sisters and their friends, celebrating a birthday with a trip to a brew house in Cooperstown.

Karina Halse's [[ HAL-iss ]] sister Amanda was killed, as was Amanda's boyfriend, State Senate employee Patrick Cushing.

Police seized the limo company's vehicle fleet today. The owner is out of the country and could be facing criminal charges.

The NTSB says the limo failed to stop at an intersection's red light, killing two pedestrians and all 18 occupants of the limo.    


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