Newest Rochester Festival: ROC the FALLS

The City of Rochester and the Genesee Brewery are teaming up for a project called ROC the FALLS...a new festival designed to showcase an underused part of the city: the High Falls Terrace Park.

It overlooks the high falls in the center of downtown Rochester. On September 7th it will host a celebration of the falls with live music, food trucks and beer -- plus a public art exhibition.  Mayor Lovely Warren says the city wants to see the High Falls area thrive, and will do it by packing people into the park so they can see what’s there.

New viewing areas have been set up along the Genesee Gorge and the viewing area has been refurbished. It will include a  new mural by local artist Shaun Dunwoody...with a unique feature. From the right perspective, it will make people feel they’re standing on the water.

 A Genesee Spokeswoman says they'll add food trucks, lights, music art and beer so people can appreciate Rochester's downtown waterfall.


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