McMurray Campaign Charged Up After Feds Charge His Opponent

                                                                    (13 WHAM photo)

Congressman Chris Collins' Democratic opponent...Nate McMurray...says there's new energy to his campaign since Collins was charged with securities fraud yesterday. McMurray was in Rochester this morning saying Collins' remarks last night show he isn't the representative Western New York needs.  

McMurray called on Collins to resign, something Collins has said he won’t do. Collins calls the charges “without merit” and say he’ll fight them in court and win.

McMurray said he’s taken thousands of dollars in new donations and a pledge of help from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee since last night. He says he hasn’t slept much since the charges against his opponent were announced.

McMurray says the D-Triple-C support will allow him to hire more staff and buy campaign advertising for the fall campaign.


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