Report: Playskool Crayons Contain Toxic Levels of Asbestos

According to a new report, crayons from the Dollar Tree tested positive asbestos.  The Playskool brand contained trace amounts of asbestos fibers — a substance that can cause breathing difficulties and cancer if inhaled.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommended that parents avoid asbestos-containing brands as a precaution because kids sometimes eat crayons.

A handful of other products that U.S. PIRG tested also contained dangerous chemicals, according to the organization’s just released back-to-school report.

  • Blue three-ring binders made by Jot and sold at Dollar Tree tested positive for phthalates, a substance linked with asthma, obesity and lower-IQ scores, for instance.
  • Dry erase markers made by Expo and The Board Dudes tested positive for carcinogenic BTEX chemicals, such as benzene, xylene, and toluene.
  • Additionally, two types of children’s water bottles were previously recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for containing lead — Reduce Hydro Pro Furry Friends water bottle, sold at Costco and Amazon, and GSI Outdoors Children’s Water Bottles, sold at L.L. Bean. Despite the recall, a CBS New reporter was able to order the Hydro Pro Furry Friends product from Costco online. A Costco spokesman failed to return a reporter’s phone calls.



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