Officials Release Video of Fugitive David Clyde Morgan

Law enforcement officials hope releasing the dashcam video of a Geneseo Police Officer's encounter with fugitive David Clyde Morgan will help generate some new information leading to his arrest.

Morgan pointed a gun at the officer and his girlfriend pointed a cellphone as they jumped out of their car following the stop.   

Also on the video is Morgan's girlfriend, who was arrested at the scene. She holds a cellphone pointed at the officer. The officer then backs up, takes cover behind his car and fires a shot at Morgan, which misses. Morgan then runs into a cornfield beside the road, and he remains at large.

Livingston County Sheriff Tom Dougherty says they're releasing this video in hopes in provides some information leading to Morgan's arrest. Dougherty says he’s confident Morgan will be arrested.

Federal marshals say billboards are going up in a number of states in hopes they will help bring about Morgan's capture...they have his face and the tip line number.

The U.S. Attorney for Western New York, J.P. Kennedy, says Morgan fled because he knew police in North Carolina had raided his home there and found three pounds of marijuana. But they don’t know why he ended up in Geneseo.



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