Pittsford Doctor Faces Federal Fraud Charges

Federal prosecutors have charged a Pittsford doctor with health care fraud and making false statements.

According to a criminal complaint filed in court, Dr. Muhammad Cheema is a psychiatrist in private practice who also sees patients at Rochester Regional Health and various nursing homes around Rochester.

The FBI began investigating the 45-year-old doctor after a tip from Blue Cross - Blue Shield, which found the doctor was billing for phone consultations as if they were office visits. An audit found Dr. Cheema had been overpaid by 54 percent, and that he routinely billed for patient visits at the highest levels without any medical notes to justify it.

Further investigation found the doctor isn't actually a board-certified psychiatrist. The FBI charges that his certificate was generated on a computer using a valid certificate belonging to a psychiatrist in Arizona.

Dr. Cheema was released on conditions and has to be back in court on September 25th.


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