Contempt Charge Thrown Out Against Jack Moore

A judge has thrown out a criminal contempt charge against former Henrietta Town Supervisor Jack Moore, who was accused of "vigorously waving" as he drove by the home of people who had an order of protection against him.

Brighton Town Justice Karen Moore said the alleged conduct was “petty, juvenile and irksome” but wasn't criminal.

Moore was found guilty in April of repeatedly driving by the home of former town employee Scott and Jill Mangino, with whom he had a political beef. He was sentenced to community service and ordered to stay away from the Manginos. But earlier this summer the Manginos called the sheriff's office and charged Moore with waving as the drove along their property.

Moore owns land across the street and is often in the area.

His lawyer, Vince Merante, suggests the judge's ruling was a call for both sides to learn to get along.


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