Man Arrested After Getting Gun Through FedEx

Greece Police have charged a convicted felon with third degree criminal possession of a weapon after a gun was shipped to him by FedEx and he tried to buy ammunition for it at Walmart.

Thirty-five-year-old Anthony Alberti is also facing federal charges because of the incident.

Police say Alberti called an Uber to pick him up at a house on Lake Avenue and drive him to the Fedex facility on Manitou Road. There he picked up a package, opened it in the car and took out what appeared to be a 9 millimeter pistol. He then asked the driver to take him to the Walmart on Dewey Avenue in Greece to “pick up rounds.”

Alberti put the gun in a backpack and left it in the car while he went in the store. The driver then called 911 and gave Greece Police permission to search his car. The gun was found as well as Alberti’s probation card.

Alberti ran from the store and was arrested two weeks later. He told police he thought he was picking up a nail gun, and didn’t realize it was a handgun until he opened the package.


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