DOT Replacing Flagpoles on 490

The State Transportation Department says it will temporarily replace two of the three flagpoles it took down along I-490 this week, after veterans groups and a state senator got involved.

State Senator Joe Robach asked the state to bring back the flagpoles along area expressways that were taken down last week. 

The state transportation department says the poles had "rigging and lighting issues" and could not properly fly the U.S. flag. And the state says it would be too dangerous for veterans groups, or others, to take over maintenance of the poles.  But Robach said he couldn't believe the DOT would remove the poles without a plan for replacing them. Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo also pressured the DOT to bring back the flag poles.

Acting DOT Commissioner Paul Karas says they're temporarily putting two of the three flagpoles back up tonight...and they're looking for a permanent location where the three poles can be installed and maintained safely. Karas said he wants to apologize to veterans and others who may have been offended.


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