More Information Released Following Arrest of Waterloo Homicide Suspect

Police and the Seneca County District Attorney released more information in a news conference this morning, regarding the double homicide in Waterloo earlier this week.

State police and prosecutors in Seneca County are confirming that the suspect in the Waterloo homicides, Emerson Tohafjian, was out on $10,000 bail from two separate domestic violence arrests last month. 

Seneca County DA Barry Porsch says a relative posted the bail for Tohafjian on June 21, and Tohafjian missed a court date in Varick six days later.

After Emerson Tohafjian missed that court date on June 27, a judge denied a request for a bench warrant and even higher bail. 

Authorities believe Tohafjian shot and killed a woman and a man, and wounded another woman at a home on Virginia Street late Tuesday night. The victims' names have not been released. 

For privacy reasons, authorities won't say if the domestic violence victim was one of the shooting victims, though friends have confirmed that.

Tohafjian is being treated for self-inflicted wounds.

The State Police in Waterloo are requesting any businesses owners or residents, in the village of Waterloo, that have surveillance cameras, for any footage on July 10, 2018, from 10:30 p.m. – 12:00 midnight.   

 Anyone with such footage is asked to call the State Police at (315)-539-3530.


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