Midtown Monorail Will be Donated to Museum

The Midtown Monorail is going to a new home at the New York Museum of Transportation in Rush, joining an historic collection of trucks and railroad equipment. The museum will set up the monorail track as a permanent exhibit for the public, but it won’t be operated.

A letter from Mayor Warren to the Rochester City Council says agreement has been reached for the NYMT to house the monorail exhibit for ten years, with provision to extend the agreement if it works out. The city will donate the monorail equipment and the museum will be responsible for setting it up and maintaining it. It won’t carry passengers, according to City Hall because it can’t be brought into compliance with today’s electrical and OSHA safety standards for children’s rides

Mayor Warren says the city tried donating the historic ride to the Strong Museum of Play, the Rochester Museum and Science Center and several developers, but got no interest. The NYMT submitted a proposal to display the ride, which once carried excited young riders at Christmas time inside Midtown Mall. 


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