Nashville Church Raises $46,000 for Couple's Defense

A church in Nashville,Tennessee has raised $46,000 through a Go Fund Me page after two of its members were charged with endangering the welfare of a child in Irondequoit.

 Irondequot Police say they charged Clarissa and Ryan Webster after their two-year-old was found wandering around Seville Drive around 6:30 last Friday morning. Police say a neighbor called police, and it was several hours before the parents called to report the child missing. By that time, Child Protective Services had been called and took custody of the child.

The Go Fund Me page says the Websters were in Rochester to sell their RV to a family friend, and were sound asleep with their five kids in the RV, exhausted after the two day drive. Somehow the two year old woke up early and got out of the RV while her family slept.

The St. Elizabeth Orthodox Church says the Websters are good and loving parents caught in an unlikely event.


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