Genesee Brewery Dedicates Major Expansion

Remember when these tanks traveled down the Erie Canal to Rochester a couple of years ago, then crept on lowboy trucks down Lyell Avenue to the Genesee Brewery?

Today they're part of a brand-new complex of tanks, pipes, filters and computerized controls. as North American Breweries cut the ribbon today (Thurs) on the $48.5 million expansion and modernization of the Genesee Brewery. 

The project took three years and has given Genesee a highly automated, efficient production line equipped for the coming century. 

Genesee Brew Master Steve Kaplan says it's a great time to be in the brewing business with improvements to Genesee and the rise of craft brewing around the nation and in Rochester. 

The CEO of Genesee's Parent Company, Ramon Mendiola,  said Genesee now has a world-class facility and is in Rochester to stay.


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