"Distraction" Burglars Hit Genesee County Homes

The Genesee County Sheriff's Office says deputies are investigating a pair of "distraction" type home break ins this past weekend.

Deputies say the burglaries took place minutes apart in the towns of Pembroke and Batavia. In each case, a resident was approached by a man driving a white SUV. In one case, he claimed that he had to check the location of back yard phone lines; in the other, he said he'd been hired to cut down some trees in the back yard and needed to check them. While the homeowner was in the back yard with him, up to two other men jumped out of the van and snuck into the home through the unlocked front door.

The intruders stole cash and jewelry from the first home, but apparently fled from the second house without taking anything. The SUV had no front license plate, and the back door of the vehicle was raised so the rear plate couldn't be seen.

The sheriff's office wants to know if this crew approached anyone else in the area, and would appreciate a call if you have information about them.


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