Preliminary Report Released on Confidential Documents Found in Dumpsters

Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello says his office has found two problems that caused documents containing sensitive personal information to be thrown in dumpsters behind some county DMV branches. 

Bello says they've found a cashier in the Henrietta office was following an earlier procedure, putting bagged documents to be shredded into a secured room. That procedure had already been changed, but the employee had been trained by a supervisor who had retired and the update was missed. Bello says the real problem came when they hired a new custodial service. They unwittingly took the "shred" bags from the locked room and threw them away with the rest of the garbage.

Bello says that leak has been plugged, and steps have been taken to make sure these problems don't happen again.

The second problem: forms not needed for some transactions given back to customers, who threw them into the public trash bins although they contained sensitive information. Bello says all paper that doesn't have to be forwarded to Albany will be shredded from now on, and "shred" bins have been placed on the public side of the cashier's counters. 

Finally, Bello says there will be periodic reviews of document security procedures.


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