RTS Proposing Streamlined Bus Service, More Frequent Runs

A draft plan for the future of Rochester's Regional Transit Service is proposing to ramp up service in the urban core where population density and demand is heaviest, and scale back traditional bus service to the suburbs.

To meet the needs of those suburban residents, the RTS plan suggests alternates to traditional buses including hourly cross-town buses, van pools and on-demand ride sharing. RTS head Bill Carpenter says the goal is to get service every 15 minutes on the most-used routes while streamlining the entire system. He says people need to be able to spontaneously decide to go somewhere and then do it. 

The plan is for most riders to have no more than a ten-minute walk to a bus stop.The system would go from the current 48 routes down to 30, but with much more frequent service. 

Exactly how the suburban service demands would be met is the piece RTS planners are still working out.  All this is part of the "Reimagine RTS" project launched last year.


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