Judge Rules Charlie Tan Statements Admissible

A federal court judge in Syracuse has ruled that statements Charlie Tan made to deputies the night he was arrested will be admissible in his new trial on federal gun charges.

Tan's attorneys asked for some of the statements he made to Monroe County Deputies to be thrown out, saying he had not been administered his Miranda rights before he talked with the deputies. The deputies testified they were simply asking Tan some public safety-related questions including where his father was. They had not considered him a suspect yet. 

Judge Andrew Baxter ruled the deputies did not violate Tan's rights.

Tan was previously cleared of a murder charge in his father's death when the trial ended in a hung jury. His current trial is on federal firearms charges. He's accused of using a friend as a straw purchaser to buy the shotgun used to kill his father, Jim Tan, in 2015.


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