Pregnant Inmate Escapes from Strong Hospital, Now Recaptured

A 19-year-old Monroe County jail inmate was recaptured about 45 minutes ago...a couple of hours after she escaped from the deputy guarding her in the maternity ward of Strong Memorial Hospital.

Nineteen-year-old Aliyah Burden momentarily distracted her guard, slipped out of her restraints and ran into a stairwell. Sheriff Todd Baxter says she was eventually spotted by U of R Security near the first-floor hospital cafeteria. She ran outside, still in the green hospital gown she was wearing when she fled, and was grabbed by a number of officers.

Sheriff Todd Baxter says Aliyah Burden momentarily distracted the deputy watching her and bolted from the room. Baxter says an internal investigation will be mounted and procedures will be changed to make sure this doesn’t happen again on his watch.

Aliyah Burden  was being held for violating probation and on a petit larceny charge and was not considered to be a threat to the public.


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