Attempt to Remove Homeless Encampment Stalls

Residents of a homeless tent city on Spectrum Cable’s property off South Avenue were wakened this morning with a demand that they leave the property immediately.

A cleanup crew was standing ready to clean out the site where Spectrum has planned a landscaping project. They demanded the homeless leave within half-an-hour. Activists including members of Metro Justice rallied and brought the planned eviction to a standstill.

A Metro-Justice organizer was arrested by Rochester Police for trespassing but Spectrum did not want to prosecute. 

A Spectrum spokeswoman said construction on the site has been planned for weeks. The site had previously been roped off with orange snow fencing. All but two of the half-dozen people staying in the shelter have left, according to police, but the tent city itself remains this afternoon.. 

Police say they're working with city social services agencies in an attempt to resolve the situation.


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