MCSO Locates Suspect Car in Penfield Hit and Run

Monroe County deputies have located the car they believe struck an off-duty Rochester police officer last night in Penfield. The sheriff's office says they found the car in the City of Rochester and a warrant is being executed for police to search the car and its contents.

Meanwhile, the Rochester officer is out of the hospital and recovering from injuries he suffered in the hit-and-run while he was off duty last night. His car was bumped from behind by another car, and when he got out to check what happened, the other driver tried to pull around his car and hit him before driving off.

Lt. Joshua DeRuyter says the officer was originally checking on the driver who hit him, feeling he might be injured or impaired.

It happened around 9 pm at Penfield and Five Mile Line roads. Three other people in the officer's car were OK.

Investigators have video recorded by surveillance cameras in the area that showed the accident.


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