Interim UR President Says Changes Being Made

The University of Rochester is enacting a new policy to ban intimate contact between students and faculty the aftermath of the sexual harassment complaints against Professor Florian Jaeger.

Seven professors and a graduate student continue their federal EEOC suit against the University. They contend Jaeger solicited sexual contact from female students and teaching assistants in his department, and the university retaliated against them when they complained.

Professor Jaeger returns to the classroom in the fall after a year's sabbatical. Interim University President Richard Feldman says nobody will have to take his classes.

The university and its independent investigation found Jaeger's conduct to be morally wrong, but neither criminal nor in violation of the university policy at the time. 

The UR is creating a new diversity and equity office in the university administration, and from now on sexual misconduct investigations will be handled by an entity other than the U of R's legal office. But those policy changes still remain to be made.


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