Update: Victim of Police-Involved Shooting and Officer Identified

The man who pointed a rifle at a Greece Police Officer early this morning before the officer shot and killed him was an 81-year-old Korean War Veteran, and Police Chief Gerald Phelan says his rifle wasn't loaded.

The chief identified the victim as Robert Litolff. Neighbors say he'd lived in the neighborhood for about 30 years.

Police say Litolff called 911 about 2:00 this (Thurs) morning and told dispatchers he was going to kill his wife. Officer Jeffrey Fraser arrived at 10 Betwood Lane in a couple of minutes. As he got out of his cruiser, Litolff approached carrying a 22 caliber rifle. He ignored orders to drop the weapon and pointed it at the officer, who fired at him from a distance of 20 or 30 yards. 

Chief Phelan says Litolff was first hit in the foot, but continued to advance and point the rifle. Officer Fraser’s final shot struck him in the chest and killed him. A total of 17 shots were fired in the dark and the snow. Most of the shots hit the Litolff house, One hit a neighboring house and another hit a tree. Phelan says his Marlin 22 caliber rifle wasn’t loaded. Litolff's wife was in bed and slept through the event.

Officer Fraser's wife was a witness to the shooting. She was on an authorized ride-along with her husband.

Chief Phelan says we may never know why Litolff acted as he did and there's a possibility he may have been suicidal. 


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