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This is definitely going to rile some people up, but just ranked every state's signature food from best to worst. 

The best signature foods in the country are:

1. Chicago-style deep dish pizza from Illinois 

2. Shrimp and grits from South Carolina.

3. The mission-style burrito from California...which is basically just an enormous burrito with extra rice and other ingredients.

4. Crab cakes from Maryland.

5. Peach cobbler from Georgia.

6. Gumbo from Louisiana.

7. Key Lime pie from Florida.

8. Fried green tomatoes from Alabama.

9. Green chile enchiladas from New Mexico.

10. Marionberry pie from Oregon.  Apparently it's like a blackberry pie.

here are the 10 WORST STATE FOODS…


1. Cincinnati chili from Ohio

2. Steamed cheeseburgers from Connecticut.

3. Nevada...because they're the only state with NO signature food.

4. Boiled dinner, New Hampshire. It's sorta like corned beef and cabbage, but with other meats and vegetables too.

5. Akutaq, Alaska.  (A-goo-duck) It's a native dish made out of whipped fat, berries, and other optional ingredients...including meat, FISH, and roots. 

6. Hand-held meat pies, Nebraska.

7. Salt Water Taffy, New Jersey.

8. Lutefisk, North Dakota.

9. Green Jell-O with carrots, Utah.

10. Chislic, South Dakota...which is sorta like a kabob.


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