Less than an hour ago, Seton Hall upset Villanova 64-63 in the quarterfinals of the Big East Tournament.

On one hand, that helps the Orange by giving a prime competitor for one of the NCCA Tournament's top seeds an ugly loss heading into Selection Sunday.

But on the other hand, a 78-62 win over the Wildcats in late December is the best non-conference win on SU's resume. So the worse Nova looks in the eye of the selection committee, the worse SU's case for a #1 or #2 seed looks by extension.

Welcome to the hectic nature of conference tournament week! There are multiple layers to every result and nothing is ever quite as it seems.

Other notable results from this afternoon's early games include Iowa State over Kansas State and Florida State over Maryland, in a pair of highly entertaining 4-5 matchups from the Big 12 and ACC respectively.

The upside of the Orange not beginning their first ever run through the ACC Tournament until tomorrow is that they can't possibly be upset for another 30 or so hours.