With the lacrosse team unceremoniously eliminated from the NCAA Tournament over the weekend, even more Cuse sports focus can now shift to the upcoming football season.

In that vein, the ACC has chosen to essentially follow the SEC's lead when it comes to conference scheduling.

Syracuse has done a pretty good job scheduling quality non-conference opposition in recent years, and moving from the Big East to the ACC gives them a huge boost in overall strength of schedule anyway. But for the rest of the league, plugging one mandatory "major" opponent into the extra slot opened up by not playing a 9th conference game will still lead to 2 or 3 joke games against inferior competition leading up to the meat and potatoes of the ACC season.

College basketball continues to move in a positive direction, adding tournaments and classics and rivalry games in the pre-conference portion of the season to create as many juicy match-ups as possible throughout the year. Unfortunately college football continues to lag behind and seems content to bore fans to tears with unwatchable mismatches dominating the first month of the season.