I don't know why it took me until Tuesday night's loss at Winnipeg to determine the Sabres have zero chances to make the playoffs. This team is not very good.  A three-game winning streak had me and Sabres fans thinking possible playoffs. Nothing worse than false flirting.

   Buffalo is 2-9-2 versus the awful SouthEast Division this year. 

   I only wanted the Sabres to make the playoffs because I like Ron Rolston and I am rooting for him to succeed.

  The Sabres will be opening a three-game homestand, and play six of their final eight at home and I don't care.  Buffalo features the youngest team in the NHL and its only going to get younger if they deal Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller in the offseason. This season, although only 48 games, can't end soon enough.

  And finally, for me the Masters on Sunday is equivalent to the Super Bowl. It is must see tv for 4-5 hours. If Tiger Woods is in contention, I do not move from my cave. Drama and Sunday's final round is what its all about, and the action at Augusta almost always never seems to let us down. Memo to my family, I am out of commission on Sunday afternoon.