I can't make any sense of the NBA Finals. Back-to-back blowouts? What's more surprising is the play of the league's mvp Lebron James.

     "I've got to be better," James said following Tuesday's 113-77 loss to San Antonio in game three of the NBA Finals. Ever since his 45 point performances against the Celtics in last year's Eastern Conference Finals, I expect a lot more from James in a big game.  In fact, I've almost come to expect it.

     James was so pedestrian last night, shot 7-21 from the floor and finished with just 15 points, And for the first time since 2009 he did not attempt a single free throw in a game.  The Spurs are daring him to shoot, his passive play is reminding his critics of the 2011 finals against Dallas.

   For the third consecutive game, James did not score at least 20 points. That is not happened since the Dallas series.

   Whether its fatigue or the fact he is trying to get other players involved, James needs to score for the Heat to get out of San Antonio.

   Miami has not lost back-to-back games since early January. Simply put, James needs to rescue the Heat on Thursday.