New England over the years has become a place for second chance opportunites. Tim Tebow is getting a third chance in the NFL.

  The former Jets and Broncos quarterback has  signed with the Pats. Contrary to the Broncos and Jets, New England did not give up any draft picks, but rather signed Tebow off the streets. So what do the Pats have to lose?

   If Tebow was going to land again in the NFL, he needed to go to place with a strong head coach with a franchise qb. If there is such a perfect place for Tebow, New England is the joint.

  Belichick's offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, selected Tebow in the first round of the 2010 draft. Belichick is the also good friends with Tebow's college coach Urban Meyer.

   One issue is Tom Brady will have to answer questions about Tebow. That could be annoying, but it won't be the circus it was with the Jets. 

   What are the plans for Tebow. Is he being brought in as a third string qb, a tightend or a utilityman? One this is for sure the drama that surrounded Tebow and the Jets during last summer's training camp and regular season will not occur in Fox Borough with Belichick. Stay tuned.

   The chances of EJ Manuel becoming the Bills starting qb this fall increased a little more with the releasing of Tavaris Jackson on Monday.  Jackson spliting first-team quarterback reps with Kevin Kolb  throughout ota's.  The move  shows faith that Head Coach Doug Marrone has in Kolb and Manuel. I do not wish for anyone to lose their job, but my wish of Manuel being the opening day starter against the Pats just got a little better.