Humans are social creatures. Dogs are social creatures. But dogs can't tweet. Or Facebook.

But there's a new app, set to launch tomorrow, that will help you AND your dog socialize. And it was created here in Rochester.

Check the press release and link below.

ROCHESTER, Sept. 19, 2013 - Dogways announces its iPhone and Android compatible app that connects users in real-time with the introduction of a live map and check-in feature for their dog.  The release on September 21, 2013 will mark 21 weeks to the day since the launch of the website.  

Key app features:

• Walk Now™ - Up for a walk?  Press Walk and find others nearby who are ready to walk now.

• Locate – Never go to an empty park again.  Check-in and find out who is where before you go.

• Social Search – Find play dates, local events or even a sitter your friends use.

The live map, soon to be included on their website, uses color-coded pins to show which dogs are where within a 25 mile radius. Activating Walk Now™ broadcasts a message to other dog owners in the area that they are ready to walk and meet.  Owners are able to send messages, chat and connect instantly to walk together. 

Checking-in to any location puts their dog on the map showing the community a live look at what parks and areas are popular at that moment.  “The days of driving to a park and having it be empty are over, “ said Dogways founder Andy Simon. 

The Social Search makes it easy to find dog friends and play dates.  “Socialization is key in the dog community,“ Simon said.  Owners are always looking for things to do and places to go with their dog.  Getting alerts and being able to search for other dogs in real time breaks down the barriers to connecting and offers socialization options never before possible.

Founded in Rochester, New York, Dogways is a social network for dog owners and dog professionals, connecting the local community in one space.  It offers unique search features that allow a user to search not only for play dates and friends, but also for services such as a groomer or sitter, then filtering those results to just who their friends use.  With the release of their app, Dogways is adding to their tools for connecting dog lovers online and in real life.

The app will be launched on September 21, 2013 at Barktoberfest - Lollypop Farms’ premier event for pet lovers.