Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals

The Steelers waltz into the end zone again, this time on a 7-yard run from Le’Veon Bell, and Pittsburgh takes a 14-0 lead in the snow.

3 minutes into the 2nd, Pittsburgh has 195 total yards (on 3 drives) while Buffalo has -1 (on 2 drives).

The Bills gain 18 yards on their 3rd drive, but punt on 4th & 3 from their own 45 after a Sammy Watkins first down catch is overturned on review.

A second Ben Roethlisberger interception gives the Bills the ball inside the 10, and an 8-yard pass from Tyrod Taylor to Sammy Watkins cuts the Steelers’ lead in half. (14-7 PIT)

Total yards through one half of play: Pittsburgh 239, Buffalo 93.


Even that 93 yard total flatters the Bills a bit, but they’re only down 7 in the stat that matters most.